OX Marine Craft

Our OXpro product range is developed in response to the growing demand from professional operators for more capable and efficient craft delivering greater range and better seakeeping. Each OXpro model addresses the growing needs of professional operators worldwide, setting new standards for size, speed, and ability.

OXpro vessels are in service with a growing list of mission operators and others who desire a fast, responsive, stable, and versatile vessel with a crew-friendly layout. Whether your job requires a fire, search and rescue, research, diving, oil spill response or any number of mission varieties, you can be confident that an OXpro is able to handle the most demanding tasks.

All our OXpro model hulls are made using 6mm marine-grade aluminum plate but add another 6mm in critical areas where the boat hits the beach. Combined with our wide bow door, this makes our vessels unsurpassed in functionality, strength, and value.

Our models feature a heavy-duty closed-cell foam fender for impact protection while docking and alongside maneuvers, making them ideal for a wide variety of missions.

Our vessels are designed and built to be strong and rigid, and we maintain a design philosophy stating that unnecessary complexity should be avoided. Our OXpro vessels are trusted to be used in critical missions by first responders all over the globe.

There are quite a few good boats out there, but the combination of agility, performance, deck area, flexibility and efficiency are unique to the OXpro boats. Our landing craft design provides more usable deck area as compared to any conventional similar designs, offering enough space to accommodate ATVs, dive gear, oil boom and other types of mission equipment.

The portfolio includes the OXpro landing craft from 6 – 12m, customizable RIBs as well as collared workboats. OXpro Marine Craft offers flexibility in terms of layout, equipment, and specifications, so we invite you to contact us to initiate the process of designing and building your very own OXpro, or even a fleet of them, for your team.